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Time Allowed and Out of Position

The Match Committee has determined that the maximum time allowed for the completion of 18 holes during a round played in groups of four is 4 hours 10 minutes (4 hours 20 minutes for stroke) and 2 hours 5 minutes for 9 holes (2 hours 10 minutes for stroke). A group will be considered out of position if it reaches the tee and that hole is free of play. If the group ahead is on the putting green (except on a par 3), then the group on the tee may be warned to close the gap. If the field is moving faster than the suggested times, then groups should still maintain their position in the field and finish their round in less than the times above.

Suggestions to Speed up the Pace of Play

The following actions are suggested for speeding up play and should be adopted if the group considers it necessary to meet the pace of play set by the group in front of them:

• Your position in the field is directly behind the group in front and not directly in front of the group behind.
• You are “out of position” if you are more than 14 minutes behind the group in front after 9 holes or after 18 holes.
• All players should actively practice “ready golf”. That is, at all times, be ready to play your shot as soon as it is safe to do so regardless of whether you are furthest away from the hole or not.
• Do not leave your golf bag at the front of a green. Always leave it to the side or near the next tee.
• Do not mark your card while on the green. When play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green and make their way to the next tee.
• Try to hole out short putts, unless you will be standing on another player’s line.
• If your group finds itself in need of catching up with the group in front, the first two players to putt out should move to the next tee and tee off while the final two players putt out.
• If you suspect that a ball may be lost, a provisional ball should be played.
• Under the rules of golf, players can be penalised and even disqualified for slow play.


The Committee will monitor groups from time to time during the round using a marshal and at the completion of the 9th and 18th holes using the bundy clock.


The following penalties for all players in a group who are over time and out of position at the completion of the 9th or 18th holes. For being out of position, these penalties will apply to the hole being played and for over time either the 9th or 18th holes.

1st breach                   one stroke penalty
2nd breach                  a further two stroke penalty
Subsequent breach     Disqualification


All players in a group are liable to the penalties listed above. However, the Committee may penalise an individual rather than the group if it considers that the individual is the sole cause of the slow play. A player concerned about a non-responsive fellow competitor in his/her group may request a Committee member to monitor the group to assess whether the penalty should apply or only to the fellow competitor.

Repeated breaches of these guidelines by an individual or group may result in the loss of playing privileges or be restricted to playing at the end of the field.


Match Committee

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