There are three aspects of golf to consider. The first is to learn how to swing your various irons, hybrids and driver to hit the ball properly – this is best done at a driving range. Next is to learn how to play a round of golf and the etiquette of play on Woollahra golf course. The final aspect is to join Woollahra Golf Club, learn the Rules of Golf and play in competitions. These are the starting points for a journey that never ends.

Thank you for considering Woollahra Golf Course for your next game. We have included some points below for you to consider to make your experience more enjoyable.

Please be aware that members of the public often cross the course at various places. Be alert to their presence and do not hit if they are in range.


  • Please arrive 20 minutes or more before your tee time in case the 1st tee is vacant.
  • When you arrive at 50 O’Sullivan Rd, please park in the public car park on O’Sullivan Rd or the parking area behind the Rugby Club.
  • Report to the Pro-Shop to collect your card and buy any equipment you may need.
  • Ladies toilets are immediately to the left of the pro-shop door and the Men’s are further to the left around the corner of the building.
  • Practice nets and the putting green are located on the right of the entrance from O’Sullivan Rd.  There is no practice range.
  • Assemble your group and tee-off.


  • Take a full sand bucket to fill your divots and at least one other divot on each hole. Sand can be refilled at all tee boxes except 9/18.
  • Repair pitch marks on the green or any other damage you find.
  • Enter bunkers from the low side. After playing, rake the bunker and leave the rake in the centre of the bunker pointing in the direction of ball flight to the pin.


  • Carts must not be driven inside the black lines surrounding tees and greens.
  • Use paths when they are available and in wet weather avoid soft patches on fairways and pools of water.
  • The footbridges behind the 2nd green and under the tree between the 7th and 8th fairways are impassable to carts. Use the main vehicle bridges.
  • Drive straight up or down slopes – do not angle across the slope as the cart may tip over.


At Woollahra we want to ensure you enjoy your golf and let other groups enjoy their golf. We endorse the concept of ‘Ready Golf’ by keeping up with the group in front

  • Whoever is ready tees-off. Shorter hitters should play first and players in carts last.
  • Advance to your ball when it is safe, and play as soon as possible and when safe to do so.
  • Call up at the 4th hole if there is a group on the 5th Tee.
  • Hit a provisional ball if your ball may be lost or out-of-bounds.
  • You have a maximum of 3 minutes to find a lost ball.
  • If your ball is out of bounds or lost, you may replay the ball with a 1 stroke penalty or go to where the ball went out-of-bounds or was lost and play with a 2 stroke penalty.
  • Furthest from the hole putts/chips first, which may not be the player off the green.
  • When putting, putt out and after two people have holed out they should go to the next tee.
  • Move to the next Tee to mark your card while others are teeing off.


  • Take your pull buggy, bag or cart to the side or behind the green before you commence putting.
  • Do not hit up on groups in front.
  • Call ‘Fore” if your ball is heading towards someone.
  • Move to your ball quickly and be ready to play when it is your turn,

At the end of your round please leave your sand bucket by the exit from the 9th green and join us in the Clubhouse for refreshments.

Membership enquiries may be made at the office or by emailing or calling 02 9327 5404


Sporting attire for men,  women and children should be neat and recognised as being appropriate for golf.  Recommended footwear is clean soft-spike golf shoes or flat soled sports shoes.   Bare feet, sandals, thongs or open footwear, block heels, high heels or spiked golf shoes are NOT permitted on the golf course.